Chinese actress Yang Mi arrived She and Her Perfect Husband‘s set a few hours late. She bowed sincerely to apologize to the director, filmmaker and staff.

On April 18, Sina reported that Yang Mi was flying from Hunan to Shanghai, but because the flight was delayed for some hours, she made She and Her Perfect Husband‘s crew members wait. As soon as she arrived at the set, the actress bowed to apologize to the director and filmmaker.

Yang Mii’s apologetic and sincere attitude received high praise from netizens as well as the public. According to iFeng, Yang Mi is regared to be an artist with a high EQ, always keeping a good relationship with the producer, as well as the behind-the-scenes staff.

Yang Mi apologizes for late
Yang Mi apologizes for late
Yang Mi bends down to say sorry to director.

However, some argue that Yang Mi is doing too many things at the same time, accepting lots of invitation from shows. The reason she left the studio She and Her Perfect Husband is to go to Hunan to shoot for another show. The audience thinks that actors should focus on acting, not participating in too many programs and events while filming to avoid affecting other artists and film crew.

In the past, Yang Mi filmed continuosly, just ending this work and joined another work without having time to get to know the script. That is the reason whyYang Mi’s acting has not made big progress and been criticized by the audiences.

According to iFeng, the reputation of the artist is largely built from their professional attitude. The artists with bad manners such as bossy arrogant, … will be criticized and face the wave of boycott.

Wu Jinyan

The Chinese Film newspaper once reported that actress Wu Jinyan in 2018 accepted an interview from China Central Television CCTV, after rising to stardom from Story of Yanxi Palace. However, she not only arrived 30 minutes late, but also asked to change the location of the interview. Her snobby attitude at that time was heavily criticized. She even lost her role in the new movie because of this scandal.

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