Asya Branch, a 22-year-old beauty, overcomes 50 contestants to become the new Miss America 2020. She will represent the US to attend Miss Universe 2021.

Miss America Asya Branch
Miss America Asya Branch

The final night of the Miss America contest took place on November 9 in Memphis, Tennessee. Asya Branch (22 years old) represents the state of Mississippi over 50 other candidates to win the Miss Universe.

In her final statement in the contest, Branch addressed gun laws.

“As someone who grew up in a home with guns, I learned at an early age how to load, how to fire and gun safety. And, I think that education should be available to everyone. I believe that we should require people to pass training and safety courses before they’re allowed to purchase a gun and before receiving a permit.”

Asya Branch
Miss America Asya Branch

With her victory, Asya Branch made history when she is the first African-American contestant to be crowned Miss America. She will represent the country in Miss Universe 2021.

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Miss America Asya Branch

Asya Branch was born in the city of Booneville. Currently, she has studied Journalism – Television at the University of Mississippi (USA). At the age of 17, she graduated from the summer course of Harvard University.

The new Miss America Asya Branch is a highly-appreciated contestant from the beginnings. She has a healthy, dynamic beauty with brown skin and a radiant smile.

Miss America Asya Branch

She also has a well-toned body. Asya Branch is appreciated for participating in many social activities. The beauty has an impressive academic record, won many prestigious titles and scholarships. This year, Miss America highly regarded contestants with rich intelligence and good behavior, instead of having a standard height with a hot measurement as before.

Miss America Asya Branch

New Miss America pursues a stylish, dynamic fashion style. She likes to wear jeans with crop-top or shoulder-open tops.

Asya Branch exercised hard to keep fit. Miss America 2020 shares that in the future she wants to work in sports media.

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Image courtesy: @Asya Danielle Branch

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