Dilireba receives many negative reviews for her latest film project – The Long Ballad. Up to now, her performance is not very satisfactory.

Dilireba’s The Long Ballad might be a flop

On April 4, Sohu reported that the work of The Long Ballad gathered a lineup of famous young actors such as Dilireba, Zhao Lusi, Wu Lei, Liu Yuning but the performance is only rated at the average level.

Dilireba's The Long Ballad
The Long Ballad is the new failure of Dilireba

According to Maoyan’s statistics , after 5 days of airing, the film has reached about 270 million views, an average of more than 50 million / day. Compared to the two works of Legend of Fei featuring Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo, and Douluo Continent played by Sean Xiao and Wu Xuanyi, these films have the lowest views of 100 million / day, with days. up to 200 million views.

According to Sohu, Legend of Fei or Duoluo Continent can only be judged as small successes, but The Long Ballad with worse performance, has been classified as a failure.

On the other hand, despite the release of the work, the main cast’s media index has not increased, Dilireba ranked 4th, after Sean Xiao, Gong Jun, Zhang Zhehan. Wu Lei, Zhao Lusi and Liu Yuning are all out of the top 10. Index of audience interest on Vlinkage of The Long Ballad ranked third after You Are My City and Fortress and Si Teng.

More sadly, from Datawin‘s statistics , the role of Dilireba in the film is not as interested in the audience as Zhao Lusi.

According to Sohu, the above figures and the negative reviews of shaping, acting, and film background show that the work of The Long Ballad has almost failed.

This greatly affects the reputation of Dilireba. Many viewers believe that the actress is not suitable for historical dramas, and she should not even participate in acting.

Accordingly, despite being the most famous influential star in China at the moment, Dilireba seems to lack a typical work in her career. In fact, no movie by her as the female lead has riden high on success.

The actress’s favorite works are Eternal Love, The Diamond Lover in which the beauty of Xinjiang only plays a supporting role. When Dilireba took on the role of the female lead, she was unable to carry the work with her limited acting.

Zhao Lusi in The Long Ballad
Zhao Lusi is more welcomed than Dilireba

Compared with juniors Zhao Lusi who entered showbiz after Dilireba, the 1998-born actress grasped the opportunity well. She has many famous works such as Cinderella Chef, Oh! My Emperor, Spring Flower, Autumn Moon, The Romance of Tiger and Rose.

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In The Long Ballad, Zhao Lusi’s acting and appearance are also more appreciated than Dilireba. According to Sina, if this situation continues, the beauty of Xinjiang may be overtaken by her juniors.

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