At the Golden Eagle Film Festival, Victoria Song’s “a bit too much” expression when actress Zhao Liying was on the award stage aroused much debate from netizens.

Golden Eagle Awards

The 30th Chinese TV Awards – Golden Eagle and the 13th Golden Eagle ceremony were officially held tonight with the participation of famous actors such as Liu Tao, Wang Yibo, Zhao Liying, Victoria Song, Tao Songyun, Esther Wu and others.

Compared to 2018, the owners of Golden Eagle awards are completely worthy to be recognized by audiences and critics. Specifically, Zhao Liying – Wang Yibo won with the Audience’s Choice For Actress/Actor, Simon Yam – Tong Yao were honoured Best Actor/Actress.

Congratulations Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo

However, Golden Eagle Awards 2020 also has no shortage of funny and quirky situations with the expressions of actors and artists when attending the show. And the attitude of new Golden Eagle Goddess Victoria Song when Zhao Liying went to the award stage is the most-talked-about topic on social media. At the moment, the keyword “Victoria Songs expression” is standing No.1 hot-search on Weibo.

Victoria Song's Quirky Expression
Victoria Song’s Quirky Expression
Victoria Song's Quirky Expression
This expression is considered to be rude

In addition, Li Yifeng is also on the hot search of Weibo with his announcement. In the interview for the ceremony, Li Yifeng painfully expressed the “Best Actress” award is all that he always desires to achieve but there is no way to get it!!!

LiYifeng and SongJia looking like a pair of wealthy siblings at the 30th Golden Eagle Awards
Here are the Golden Eagle awards results:

Best Actor: Tong Yao – Like A Flowing River

Best Actress: Simon Yam – One Dream One Home

Audience’s Choice for Actor: Wang Yibo – Gank Your Heart 

Audience’s Choice for Actress: Zhao Liying – The Story of Minglan

Best Director: Kong Sanh – Like A Flowing River

Best Screenwriter: Ma Jihong

Best Cinematography: Jinh Xiang – The longest day of Chang An 

Best Television Program: CCTV New Year’s Gala

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