Time flies, Instagram is already 10 years old. Do you know which photos on Instagram have received the most “likes”? You won’t be able to guess the # 1 spot!

This October, Instagram turns 10 years old. 10 years ago, many people talked about Instagram like this: “Like Facebook, but only photos”, “Boring app, no one would like it” … But now, there are nearly 1 billion active users monthly on Instagram, more than huge social networks such as Twitter or Pinterest.

To celebrate Instagram’s 10-year-old birthday, Hottie Bolly has listed the top 5 most heart-fluttering photos on this app:

Top 5 Instagram Most-Liked Posts

5. Instagram Most-Liked Posts – Tentree

Instagram Most-Liked Posts - Tentree

This is a picture of a Canadian clothing company, they invite you to click on it and they will plant a tree. Their promise is that if the photo gets 5 million likes, they will plant 500,000 trees in Indonesia. Tentree’s photo has received up to 15,575,567 likes, “surpassing” many big stars.

It’s also proof that we care deeply about the Earth and are trying to make a difference! The campaign continues and Tentree promises to plant 1 million trees if the photo gets 20 million likes.

Their caption read, “Join our mission to make the most sustainable post on the planet. Thank you to the millions of people who have lifted their fingers to start a movement to plant more trees. Together, we will be planting 500,000 trees in Indonesia as a result of you liking this post.”

4. Instagram Most-Liked Posts – Jennifer Aniston

Instagram Most-Liked Posts - Jennifer Aniston

Aniston was new to the ‘Gram when she first posted the photo, but she soon broke a world record when she became the fastest person to reach one million followers, which only took five hours and 16 minutes. Jennifer Aniston posted a picture full of her “friends” (the hit cast in the FRIENDS series ) and the internet exploded. 

3. Instagram Most-Liked Posts – Kylie Jenner

Instagram Most-Liked Posts - Kylie Jenner

This Instagram Queen posts every photo and gets a lot of hearts. However, after a period of hiding her pregnancy, Kylie surprised netizens by finally letting the world know that Stormi was born. The photo has received 18,592,519 likes.

2. Instagram Most-Liked Posts – XXXTentacion

Instagram Most-Liked Posts - XXXTentacion

This is the only and last picture the rapper ever posted on his account – just a few weeks before his tragic death in June of that year. XXXTentacion or Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was shot dead in Florida in June 2018 outside a motorcycle shop. He was just 20 years old.

1. Instagram Most-Liked Posts – World_record_egg

Instagram Most-Liked Posts - World_record_egg

The most popular photo in Instagram’s history is quite surprising: Just a picture of an ordinary egg. The caption read, “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this”

Initially, there was some speculations about this photo, but it was eventually explained as an attempt to motivate people to speak up about their mental health. Even Kylie admitted that she was surprised by that record-breaking egg.

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Image Courtesy: @Instagram

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