In the past few days, Kpop fans have been stirring again when the autobiography by Jessica Jung – who used to be a part of SNSD, was born amid a series of mixed opinions. Since leaving the group, Jessica has taunted SNSD many times, causing controversies about her personality.

Without saying that, without knowing the autobiography above, Jessica has been famous enough for her outstanding artistic activities for a decade. Every time Jessica’s fans say her name, she adds a multitude of beautiful names from the back such as: “Ice princess”, “Princess of Luxury”, … That’s right! With her breathtaking visual, she can easily show off her beauty with lost of makeup styles, or different fashion styles. Let’s see some photos below!

But even the real princess sometimes make mistake in fashion, leaving alone Jessica Jung. Here are some of the fashion misses of Jessica Jung.

Jessica Jung
Look like she wore a yellow towel to the airport
This combination is quite quirky and sofisticated
This shimmery dress blacken her white skin
This sheer mesh shirt is a tragedy
Old fashion and made Jessica Jung older than her age
Even when she took off the black blazer, this design and material failed to highlight her beauty.
Ice Princess looked fat in this white dress

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Image courtesy: instagram

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