Suzy, IU, Hwasa, Nam Joo Hyuk and Jackson Wang (member of GOT7 group) are five artists listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List.

2021 30 Under 30 Asia List

30 Under 30 Asia List Hwasa

Hwasa is one of five Korean artists listed in the list 30 Under 30 Asia 2021 by Forbes. Hwasa, a member of the Mamamoo group, was nominated for the Artist of the Year award at MAMA 2020. She released her solo song Twit in 2019, which earned more than 80 million views and earned the female singer the award Best solo artist at the 2019 Golden Disc Awards. In June 2020, Hwasa continued to release EP Maria, which won 7th place on the Billboard World Albums Chart and ranked No. 1 on the iTunes Albums Chart in the US. She is the first Korean female solo artist to win the above achievement.

Hwasa is currently considered an A-list artist in Korean showbiz. She is always in the top 10 female idols with the highest personal branding index. In Korea, audiences call her the “sold-out queen”, because the items she uses are always the best-selling items on the market.

30 Under 30 Asia List Bae Suzy
Bae Suzy

Suzy is one of the most famous actors in Korea. She got the nickname of Nation’s First Love after starring in K-drama hit Dream High. She participated in many blockbusters such as action film Ashfall (2019), TV blockbuster Vagabond (2019) and Start Up (2020). Suzy’s Instagram account reaches more than 15 million followers, making her the second most popular Korean actress on this platform. She became one of the most in-demand endorsers in South Korea, and has been hailed a “CF Queen” due to numerous endorsement deals.

Along with the nickname Nation’s First Love”, Suzy has been selected many times as one of the most beautiful female idols in Kpop. During her 11-year career, the female idol born in 1994 has been praised for her cheerful, enthusiastic personality and always works hard in both singing and acting fields.

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30 Under 30 Asia List IU

Nation’s Little Sister IU is the third female artist to appear on the Forbes list. The page describes: “IU, whose real name is Lee Ji Eun, is one of the most successful female solo singers of her generation”. Forbes also lists digital achievements, record sales, and major awards IU has received over the years.

Not only succeeding in the music field, IU also left many marks in the acting field. She received many compliments from audiences and critics when she performed in Moonlit Lovers, My Ahjjussi, Hotel Del Luna.

30 Under 30 Asia List Nam Joo Hyuk
Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk is the only Korean actor on the Forbes 2021 30 Under 30 Asia list. The actor hit the big screen for the first time through the historical work The Great Battle and received much praise for his impressive acting. Thanks to this role, Nam Joo Hyuk won the Best New Actor award at The Blue Dragon Award, which was dubbed the Oscar of Korea, as well as being honored at the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards.

The actor was born in 1994, comes from a model background. When he first switched to being an actor, Nam Joo Hyuk was criticized for his awkward acting and lacking of flexible facial expressions. After the lead role in Weightlifting Fairies, he received more positive feedback from the audience, thereby gradually improving his acting.

30 Under 30 Asia List Jackson Wang
Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang comes from Hong Kong, but is still counted as a Korean star because he is still active as a member of the GOT7 group. “Jackson started working as an artist in the Korean group GOT7 before pursuing a personal career in the Chinese market. The solo album Mirrors (2019) was honored as the album of the year on the NetEase Cloud Music platform. Jackson is the ambassador of the Fendi brand and the owner of a personal fashion brand Team Wang Design, “writes Forbers about the male singer.

In January, GOT7’s contract with JYP Entertainment officially expired, all 7 members decided to leave the company. However, the group announced that they would not disband and will keep the group GOT7’s name. Jackson has set up his own office to pursue his career in China and looked for a new management company to maintain operations in Korea.

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