The majority of Korean netizens expressed a negative attitude towards Irene when she appeared with Red Velvet in the new set of photos.

Red Velvet’s pure beauty in Season’s Greetings 

After Irene’s scandal, the public couldn’t help but worry about Red Velvet’s future However, those who love this group are somewhat reassured to see that SM is still releasing its SM ARTIST SEASON’S GREETINGS. The 5 members wore pure white outfits, showing off their dreamy beauty in the teaser video released on November 5.

Irene is now considered “scary”.

This is also the first time that Red Velvet appeared after Irene was exposed to insulting fashion editor, so they received special attention from the online community. Although the members received a slew of praises for their beauty and youthfulness, Korean netizens still could not forgive the leader after her bully scandal.

Most of the negative comments were directed at Irene

Previously, Irene was always praised with beautiful words, but now she is commented to have a scary image. There is no shortage of comments demanding the eldest sister of Red Velvet to leave from the group so as not to affect the rest members. This shows that Irene’s image has declined dramatically after the scandal.

Here are some response from Korean netizens:

– Irene’s image looks scary.

– The other members didn’t do anything wrong… SM is crazy.

– Please save the rest … Let’s make a comeback with the 4 members.

– Irene, please leave SM.

– Did she apologize to the group members yet?

– I guess SM doesn’t care about her argument.

– “All 5 of you shine” – is Irene’s comment?

– After all, SM is still the best company for celebrities, haha.

– Hope she gives a better image in the future.

– I’m glad that Wendy looks fine. Hope she takes good care of herself, wants to see her stand on stage as soon as possible.

These above reactions show that it will take a long time for Irene to regain public affection. The possibility for Red Velvet’s comeback is still open, but it is certain that the group cannot return in the near future.

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