The post accusing EXO Chanyeol of cheating is currently shocking netizens.

EXO Chanyeol cheating
The male god – EXO CHANYEOL

EXO CHANYEOL is accusing of cheating on ex-girlfriend

This morning (October 29), an anonymous post on the Korean social network made netizens shocked. In the post, a girl accused Chanyeol ( EXO ) of cheating on her for 3 years, even sleeping with 10 other girls, often having a one-night stand. The girl who is supposed to be the ex-girlfriend of the male god EXO also posted some pictures as evidence and revealed that she holds some recordings.

EXO Chanyeol cheating
The post from unknown girl

At the beginning of the post, the girl revealed the reason why they could not break up peacefully: “Hello, Chanyeol. I posted the first article for you. You might be shocked because you thought we broke up in peace. But to me, the past three years have been just humiliating because of your deception. Chanyeol, this is your karma, what you did. “

Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend revealed that the couple knew each other from the end of October 2017, the male idol got her number through a friend and got to know her first. They also flirted, dating like many other couples, the girl accepted the relationship with the male god EXO. But on the 3rd anniversary of love, the girl discovered the shocking truth.

“I tried to not believe it until I personally saw and heard it for myself, and I believed you when you said it wasn’t true. But, during the three years that we were dating, you became someone’s first and someone’s one-night stand. While I was sleeping peacefully, you were always busy playing around dirtily with a new woman.

That included a variety of girl group members, Youtubers, broadcast DJs, dancers, stewardesses, and more.

Did you like it? You’re very popular. Everyone around you, except me, knows how filthy you are. Only your fans and I don’t know.”

When another EXO member flirted her, Chanyeol did not show his attitude to protect his girlfriend. In particular, this is the person that Chanyeol doesn’t like. The male idol born in 1992 said nothing in front of the other member but cursed him out behind his back. Now, she understands the reason why the male god EXO cannot proudly show off their relationship with everyone. Ex-girlfriend Chanyeol accused the guy of cheating on her and she has evidence.

“I’ve always joked that if you’re going to cheat on me then do it secretly. But you’ve actually done it too many times. I’ve heard more than 10 different names. If you’re a man, you shouldn’t mess with the people around me.

2 days after breaking up, he called to ask to come back to me. I told him what I heard, he couldn’t say a word and pretended he didn’t know. So I named one of the girls he slept with. After being silent for 3 seconds, he said ‘What about her?’. Chanyeol, I recorded that conversation, because there were victims who wanted to know what your excuses were with me.

“The funniest thing is that whenever I mentioned the names of the girls you played, ate, and slept with, you didn’t deny knowing them… You should have at least pretended. How funny I must have been to you… you have no fear. What does that make me, who was fooled by you for three years?…”

Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend tried to hide the photos taken together, and even told her best friend that she didn’t have a boyfriend to protect the male idol’s career. She said she trusted Chanyeol’s words: “If problems arise in his career involving women, he will kill himself.”

EXO Chanyeol cheating
On the cake is the words “Celebrating 790 days of love”. 

Finally, the girl closed:

“Seriously, at least try to live up to your image. I won’t reveal more because I know things will get worse. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about…

I don’t want to be tainted any more, and because of our bond for many years, I will stop here. My heart broke when I heard your name. I hope this world knows what kind of person you are. Don’t contact me anymore “.

EXO Chanyeol cheating
Intimate pictures between EXO Chanyeol and the girl
EXO Chanyeol cheating
Her sister shared a picture taken at his house

Many netizens quickly realized that the photos in the post had a scene similar to Chanyeol’s house in the picture of his sister posted on Haloween. Netizens also saw the beanie in the photo looked like Chanyeol’s favorite hat.

Currently, both SM Entertainment and Chanyeol have not yet spoken about this accusation.

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