The fact that Suzy entered the vote of Top goddess of beauty of Korean drama makes a controversies. Some says it makes sense because Suzy is getting prettier and more gorgeous, some thinks that Suzy does have enough charisma as her seniors.

Bae Suzy reaches Top goddess of beauty of Korean drama

Top goddess of beauty of Korean drama Bae Suzy
Bae Suzy

For a long time, the charisma between idols and actors has always been the subject of endless controversy with Korean netizens. Netizens thinks that though idols are very beautiful and confident in front of the camera, not everyone reached the charisma of an actor. On the contrary, there are actors who are not brilliantly outstanding, but the more they see them, the more attractive they are, thanks to their special charisma, from their gestures to their eyes.

Recently, the Pann Nate forum open the voting for Top goddess of beauty of Korean drama over the past 25 years. These are all popular names with attractive beauty and a charismatic aura such as Kim Tae Hee, Lee Young Ae, Son Ye Jin, Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo, Han Ga In … Not to mention that each of them has their own unique beauty, though more and more young faces appear, their positions in Korean beauty chart are hard to shake.

Notably, Suzy is also on the chart. In recent years, Suzy has focused on her acting career rather than an idol, her acting is praised for her improvement, her beauty is more and more mature than before. But netizens think that is not enough for Suzy to line up with her famous seniors.

In terms of beauty, Suzy is not inferior, but her charisma is still quite a distance from the top stars. Just place Suzy’s photo next to Kim Hye Soo, Jun Ji Hyun or Song Hye Kyo’s, you will see that Suzy has not yet radiated a natural look, lack of speaking eyes or flexible expressions.

Although Suzy cannot be classified as the goddess of beauty of Korean drama, netizens believe that if Suzy keeps working hard, she will definitely catch up with her seniors in a few years.

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