In the entertainment industry, the popularity of an actress directly affects their income from various film and television. At the same time, the works starred by these female stars also enrich our lives and entertainment. Well, let’s take a look at the 10 most popular Chinese actresses in 2021 and see who is the number one in your heart.

Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Dilireba
Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Dilireba
Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Dilireba
Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Dilireba

Di Lieba was born in Urumqi, Xinjiang. Since she appeared in “Diamond Lover” in 2015, her popularity has remained high. Dilireba is recognized by the audience in terms of drop-dead gorgeous appearance and temperament, and there is no denying that she is a real goddess in the minds of fans.

She won the Most Popular New Actress in the 2015 National Opera Festival, the 29th China TV Golden Eagle Awards and 12th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival. Dilraba is featured in the film The Long Ballad a Chinese TV series based on the comic manhua with the same title.

Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Zhao Liying
Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Zhao Liying
Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Zhao Liying
Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying’s popularity can be traced back to the “Legend of Lu Zhen” in 2013, which was not only a hit in China but also popular among Japanese and Korean audiences. Zhao soon began appearing in a string of hit TV and film works; when the 2015 fantasy-wuxia drama The Journey of Flower aired, it garnered over 20 billion views online and made Zhao a household name.

Zhao Liying won The Best Actress at 28th and 30th China TV Golden Eagle Awards, the 24th Beijing University Student Film Festival, the 22nd and 25th Shanghai TV Festival and other honors. Although Zhao and Feng announced their divorce recently, the two broke up in peace, which did not affect fans’ love for Ying Bao. This year, Zhao dubbed the lead female character’s role in Disney’s “Raya and the Last Dragon” in Mandarin for the Greater China region. 

Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Yang Mi

In 1990, at the age of four, Yang made her acting debut in the historical television series Tang Ming Huang directed by Chen Jialin, playing the role of young Princess Xianning. Yang Mi started to gain increased attention  in the martial arts drama “The Legend of Condor Heroes” in 2006, and later appeared in “Chinese Paladin 3”, “Palace”, “Eternal Love” and other successful works, her popularity is also soaring.

Yang is one of the most recognizable and commercially successful celebrities in China, and has been dubbed the “Goddess of Goods” for her ability to boost the fortunes of the brands she endorses as a spokesperson or ambassador.

Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Yang Zi

Yang Zi was born as a child star, and she debuted in TV series in 1999. In 2014, Yang Zi rose to fame with her role in “Battle of Changsha”, and then quickly gained super popularity through the hit dramas “Ode to Joy”,  “Noble Aspirations“, “Ode to Joy 2″, “Ashes of Love” and “Go Go Squid!“.

Yang has differentiated herself from other popular actresses like Yang Mi and Angelababy, whose commercial success in fashion has overshadowed their acting careers. 

Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Zhao Lusi

Zhao Lusi is a rising actress in the Chinese showbiz, during a just-three-year career span, she has made a mark in the hearts of the audience with interesting works. She is known for her roles in “The Romance of Tiger and Rose“, “Oh! My Emperor“,” Dating in the Kitchen”, “The Long Ballad” and Please Feel At Ease Mr Ling.

Zhao Lusi has won awards such as the Best Actress Award at the 7th Hengdian Film and Television Awards, and the Tencent Video Star Awards “Breakthrough TV Actor of the Year” award. At the same time, her role in this year’s historical drama “The Long Ballad” also garnered attention which even surpassed lead female Dilireba.

Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Jing Tian

She is known for Rattan and her roles in war epic The Warring States and the action films Special ID and Police Story 2013. She has had prominent roles in three Legendary Pictures films, The Great WallKong: Skull Island, and Pacific Rim: Uprising. Despite decent box office takings they did little to boost her professional profile. In 2019 she appeared in just one TV show and last year was a total write- off for her with no new projects.

But a surprise success in an online series is putting Jing back in the spotlight in a more positive sense. Rattan, which is exclusive to streaming platform Youku in 2021, has been riding high on success with a strong rating of 7.9 out of 10. Jing Tian’s stunning visual is a big plus for the success of the drama.

Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Ju Jingyi

Ju Jingyi rose to fame as a member of the Chinese idol girl group SNH48 until she left in 2017. As an actress, she is known for her role in the historical romance drama Legend of Yunxi and mythology drama The Legend of White Snake.

She was named as one of the most recognizable Chinese actresses in web dramas by Hong Kong media. In 2021, Ju is set to star in the historical romance drama “Rebirth for You” alongside Joseph Zeng. Ju has been referred to as a “once in 4000 years idol” by Chinese fans since 2014, however, due to a slight mistranslation, she has also been called a “once in 4000 years beauty” by the Japanese media, causing her to gain in popularity and criticism.

Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Yang Chaoyue

Yang Chaoyue was a hot topic when she participated in the girl group survival show Produce 101 in 2018, and successfully joined a member of Rocket Girls 101. Since then, Yang Chaoyue, who has been named “Koi”, has soared in fame and popularity. Then, Yang was announced to make her acting debut in the historical drama The Promise of Chanan.

Yang Chaoyue has also won the 2018 Best Newcomer Award of Tencent Video Star Awards and Artist of the Year of China Newsweek China’s Most Influential. She was listed in the 100 most beautiful faces of TCCAsia China in 2019.

Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiao Tong received acclaim for her role in the 2003 film “Nuan” at the age of four and gained fame as a child actress in such notable films as “The Promise” (2005). In recent years, she has also appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2021.

Known as the “Nation’s Daughter” in China, Guan is regarded as one of the “Four Dan Actresses of the post-90s Generation” along with Zhou Dongyu and Yang Zi.

Most popular Chinese actresses in 2021: Victoria Song

Victoria debuted as the leader of f (x) with Sulli, Luna, Krystal, and Amber. After that, Victoria Song faced many mixed opinions when deciding to return her hometown to build her own career. She proved her talent through her roles in television series When Love Walked InBeautiful SecretIce FantasyA Life Time Love , Moonshine and Valentine,  and Find Yourself. She earned the title the goddess of the 13th Golden Eagle Festival last year.

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