Possessing a beautiful appearance, multitalent and also kind-hearted personality, these Kpop female idols win over audiences’ hearts.

For a long time, in Korean showbiz, there are always problems related to the star’s personality. Every time, people see a title like: “Star A is famous for showing an arrogant attitude; Star B scolds others …”. Becoming a celebrity is thanks to the love of their fans, but they disappoint their fans when they have a not so beautiful personality. 

However, besides that, there are still many stars who are famous for their clean lifestyles during their years of working. Not only famous at country, they are also popular all over the world.

And especially these girls have never encountered any problems with their attitudes whether overseas or in a strict country like Korea. This article will share with you about 6 beauties who have a kind heart in the Korean entertainment industry. Check them out for yourself, and see if you agree.

Kpop female idols with golden personality

Yoona (SNSD)

Kpop female idols Yoona
Yoona has always maintained the leading position in the Korean entertainment industry thanks to her both internal and external beauty.

Referring to idols with “golden personality”, it is impossible not to mention Yoona. She is never absent from Kpop’s beauty charts. More especially, during more than 10 years of career, people always see Yoona smiling in public. The female idol does not show fatigue or tiredness towards the public or even the staff despite her hectic schedule. “Yoona is always humble, friendly, never considers herself a famous star”  – That’s what the staff who work for her say about this goddess. Even senior Heechul once said, “ Yoona is pretty because she doesn’t try to act pretty.”  Besides, Yoona also regularly does charity quietly, without fuss, or to show off.

Last February, she donated 100 million won (US$82,000) to the Community Chest of Korea. Her hard-earned money was used to purchase hand sanitisers and masks for health care workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Hani (EXID)

Kpop female idols Hani
“Queen of fancam” Hani

Famous for a clip showing off her glamorous looks and top charisma, Hani maintains her name through the way she expresses herself to the public. Hani is considered a friendly girl, always doing her best in every show she participates in.

In particular, thanks to her cool personality with other female idols, Hani has earned a lot of female fans. Typically, protecting Binnie (Oh My Girl), ran to cover Eunha ( G-Friend ) when she fell on a show, giving her pillow to Mina (Twice) when the female idol wore short skirt in the event, … Hani scored with many small actions stemming from her kind, friendly heart and loved by many audiences and artists.


Kpop female idols Jisoo
The oldest sister, BLACKPINK, is praised by many friends and people in the entertainment industry for her friendliness.

The beauty goddess of BLACKPINK is also on this list of 6 Kpop female idold with beautiful personalities. In addition to her drop dead gorgeous beauty and radiant smile, Jisoo is also praised for her inherently lovable and friendly personality. The young star is highly appreciated by the crews. Besides, old classmates also praised for Jisoo’s good personality.

Every time she goes to the airport or appears in a crowded place, Jisoo always bows to the media and fans, never showing fatigue or discomfort. Every time she joins the show, Jisoo is always the most enthusiastic member of BLACKPINK. Her behavior towards seniors, juniors, colleagues or staff is also very popular with fans.

Mina ( TWICE )

Kpop female idols Mina
Not arrogant, cold as the image of “princess” on the stage, Mina in real life is very gentle and elegant.

Born in a Japanese family and practicing ballet since a young age, Mina always acts very gently and gracefully, making others want to protect her. Not only that, the female idol is also very caring for the people around her, she always actively asks and takes care of the rest of the members or the staff in the team.

In 2017, Mina used to knit by herself to donate to the babies in a campaign to raise awareness about infant diseases despite the busy schedule. The pretty girl also makes fans admire for her charity in Korea and Japan. Mina will donate part of her organs in Korea if she accidentally has an accident. If she dies in Japan, she will donate her organs to a hospital in this country.

Kim Sejeong (Gugudan)

Kpop female idols Kim Sejeong
“Godsejeong” is the nickname that Koreans give to this petite female idol.

Sejeong is known for participating in the national television program Produce 101 season 2  and successfully debuted as runner-up. Through this program, she not only showed off her powerful voice, diligent practice and excellent choreography, but also a caring girl. Sejeong always takes care of the rest of the members by asking questions, bringing them water or actively helping out whenever a member has difficulty in training. And that personality has remained unchanged since her debut as a famous idol.

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Wendy (Red Velvet)

Kpop female idols Wendy
After a series of attitudes of the goddess 
Irene in the same group, Wendy’s personality is even more enhanced

Unlike the sisters in the same group, Wendy does not own an outstanding beauty or a seductive body. But her fans always see a positive energy, a beautiful soul, and a polite manner form her inside that few famous idols have.

Wendy always smiles, bow to fans and employees around whether or not the camera, wih 10 minutes for shopping before boarding, Wendy bought gifts for the staff crew film. Wendy also loves her fans, during a new song promotion, the female idol made hundreds of cakes for her fans by herself.

In addition to idols who are criticized for their attitudes during concerts of other artists, Wendy is always attentive to watching and cheering on her colleagues. Thanks to such a good personality, netizens always use nice compliments for Wendy, that she has a personality above her talent.

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