The beauty born in 1983 comes from an ordinary family, possesses outstanding beauty, multi-talent and known for a long-term relationship with famous actor Yoon Kye Sang.

Referring to Honey Lee (real name: Lee Ha-nui), many people will think of the image of a charming, sexy, scandal-free beauty queen. It has been 14 years since she won the Miss Korea, Honey Lee still retains a clean image.

As a beauty queen or an actress, Honey Lee’s name grab attention and receive coutless praises.

Who is Honey Lee: Great background, graduated from top-tier university

Who is Honey Lee: the smartest and sexiest Miss Korea ever
The phrase “aging like fine wine” couldn’t be any truer with the iconic former Miss Universe Korea Honey Lee.

Honey Lee was born in 1983 in a wealthy family. Her father used to be a high-ranking official in the National Intelligence Service and her mother, a Ph. D. in Korean music history, is a professor at Ewha Women’s University. Honey Lee graduated from Seoul National University with high honors in traditional Korean music. After that, she became known as a professional Gayageum artist. Honey Lee was named the “Gayageum prodigy” by the Kumho Art Center – Korea’s most prestigious art organization.

Up to now, the beauty has released 4 albums, performing in more than 25 countries around the world, including the famous Carnegie Hall in New York.

In addition to music , Honey Lee is also passionate about sports. She owns a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, and is a scuba diver and a competitive skier.

Not only that, Lee surname also scores high in the eyes of public when she regularly participates in charity. She is a goodwill ambassador for Beauty Mind Charity and the Korea Green Foundation.

In 2006, Honey Lee was crowned Miss Korea. At that time, her beauty received many compliments. She brings a healthy, natural beauty and a warm smile.

Who is Honey Lee: the smartest and sexiest Miss Korea ever
Miss Korea Universe 2007 3rd runner up – Honey Lee

In 2007, Honey Lee continued to win the third runner-up position in Miss Universe. Many people expressed regret and said that she stood out more than Miss Ryo Mori in terms of both beauty and talent. In the same year, she was honored at the Miss Grand Slam contest.

Who is Honey Lee: timeless beauty over time

Who is Honey Lee: the smartest and sexiest Miss Korea ever

Compared with many other beauties in Korea, Honey Lee is said to have a strange beauty. She possesses a healthy body with brown skin.

Honey Lee once frankly admitted that she doesn’t belong to slender beauty that many people love. For her, the curves and balance are the factors that create the sexy features of the woman.

Eyes are considered a great plus point of the beauty born in 1983. Honey Lee has a shining smile in most of shoots. Not only that, Miss Lee also owns an outstanding height of 1.73 m and sexy body.

Who is Honey Lee: the smartest and sexiest Miss Korea ever

After winning Miss Korea pageant, 8X beauty still maintains her youthfulness and does not have too much difference. Thanks to her unique beauty, Honey Lee is often invited to participate in prestigious events.

On the 23rd Busan International Film Festival, Miss Korea 2006 stood out in a simple dress. Compared to many other juniors, Honey is still considered a beauty symbol, no one can surpass her.

Honey Lee became the representative and model for many famous fashion and beauty brands in Korea.

Who is Honey Lee: Successfully embarking into acting

Who is Honey Lee: the smartest and sexiest Miss Korea ever

Having an advantage in appearance, Honey Lee stepped into acting. A year after winning the third runner-up at Miss Universe, the beauty appeared in the Polaroid, as Elle Woods in Legally blonde , as Roxie Hart in Chicago.

By 2009, she played the supporting role in some TV series like The Partner.

In 2011, Honey Lee won Best New Actress at MBC Drama Awards for her role in the film Indomitable Daughters-in-Law. Also in the same year, she had first silver screen role in the Hit movieIn 2012 , she appeared in two big movies, Deranged and I am a king.

Years later, Honey Lee continuously appeared in famous projects. However, she did not leave much of a mark in the movie industry. 

Until 2017, Honey Lee officially made a name for herself through her role in Heart Blackended. Although only playing a supporting role, her contribution is recognized by most audiences, called the “scene stealer” of the film. There are even many opinions that Honey Lee performed better than the female lead – actress Park Shin Hye.

Who is Honey Lee: the smartest and sexiest Miss Korea ever

Thanks to Heart Blackended, Honey Lee won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 54th Baeksang Art Awards

After that, she continued to prove herself when participating in various roles. She excellently transformed into an ambitious queen in Shine or go crazy and continued to transform into a funny girl with a traumatic fate in Please comeback, mister.

Not only that, Honey Lee also has had a successful TV drama career with the role of a smart, beautiful prosecutor in The Fiery Priest.

Currently, Honey Lee has become a famous face in the Korean film industry and received acknowledge for her talent from audience and critics.

There is a lesser known fact that Honey Lee was once trained as a K-pop idol under YG entertainement when she was a student. At that time, the female star practiced with 2NE1 members CL, Park Bom and Minzy. In the past, TOP (Big Bang) spilled the beans that Honey Lee was selected as a member of a girl group. However, for some personal reasons, she decided to move into acting and debut as an actress in 2009.

Who is Honey Lee: Romantic and long-time relationship with Yoon Kye Sang

Who is Honey Lee: the smartest and sexiest Miss Korea ever
Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee

In addition to beauty, career, Honey Lee’s love story is also a topic that draws great attention. She has had a 7-year love with actor Yoon Kye Sang.

Dating rumors sparked in 2013, the couple never spoke up about the relationship. They did not post photos together and always refused to share their love stories. Most believe that thanks to the secret, the love of Honey Lee – Yoon Kye Sang was more durable and less turbulent.

They made their relationship public back in 2013. Rumours did the rounds suggesting that the couple had parted ways back in October 2019 but Honey Lee assured fans they were still dating. However, the couple has now decided to go their own ways.

A source of the agency said Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee broke up but they have decided to stay good colleagues.

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