Kris Wu is widely known not only as a popular singer of Korean boy group EXO and male god of Chinese screen but also involved in a series of shocking sexual assault allegations. So who is Kris Wu Yifan? Let’s find out with Hottie Bolly!

Who is Kris Wu Yifan?

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

Kris Wu is a former member of the popular group EXO and also the male god of Cbiz. Despite being the top male star in China, he had an extremely difficult childhood. During his artistic career, he had a huge dispute with management company SM.

This incident made him unable to work in Korea and Japan and received much criticism and boycott wave from the public. However, overcoming everything, Kris has proven his strength and ability. He became one of the most handsome celebs who attracted the largest number of fans in Cbiz. He also earned many achievements that few people have achieved in the domestic market and the whole world.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

Besides, thanks to his dapper appearance and fashion sense, he has enjoyed a lot of success in singing, acting and fashion. He has acted in blockbuster movies and collaborated with luxury fashion brands such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan: Biography

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

Wu Yifan was born on November 6, 1990. When he was a member of EXO, his stage name was Kris. 

Wu Yifan is a Canadian – Chinese descent. Wu Yifan was born in Guangzhou, China. At the age of 10, his mother and he immigrated to Canada. With a passion for sports, Yufan used to be the captain of the school’s basketball team and desired to pursue professional basketball career.

He has an admirable height of 187 cm. He has a handsome V-line face, harmonious facial features. This has helped him attract the largest number of fans in Cbiz.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan: Singing career

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

After his friends invited to attend SM Entertainment’s entrance exam, Kris Wu caught the eye of the company thanks to his ability to sing and dance hip-hop. He was then invited to move to Korea to become a trainee under SM.

He officially debuted in 2012 as one of 12 members of EXO. He is also the captain of the sub-group EXO-M, specializing in activities in China. The group EXO immediately broke the charts at that time with songs like Mama and Growl. At the same time, his nanem also began to emerge in the China mainland.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

Although EXO and EXO-M became the hottest K-pop groups in the music market, this soon bloomed and faded. Only two years after debut, Kris Wu and some members filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, claiming that SM was unfair.

After the harsh struggle, the three members were allowed to leave the company. However, SM Entertainment still retains the right to decide on their activities in Korea and Japan until 2022.

After leaving SM Entertainment, Wu Yifan and two other members, Luhan and Huang Zitao, started solo activities in China. Even without SM’s support, they are still very successful on their way and gain a strong fan base.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan: Successful career in homeland
Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

The path to becoming an idol was hindered, Wu Yifan tried to encroach into cinema. He once confessed that in Korea, he didn’t have much choice in his path. Therefore, he tried acting because this is a new and uncontrollable path.

The first film that he participated in was the romantic movie “Somewhere Only We Know” in 2015. He won the “Best Newcomer Award” at the 3rd China International Film Festival London for his performance. After that, he continuously tried many different roles such as the gangster in the movie Mr. Six, which was a box office hit, grossing over US$137 million and becoming one of the highest-grossing films in China and Tang Sanzang in Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

In 2017, Wu made his US film debut in D. J. Caruso’s XXX: Return of Xander Cage. And in the same year, he co-starred in Luc Besson’s science fiction film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Although the 31-year-old actor’s acting was controversial at that time, no one can deny that his projects were all successful and made it big.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan: Fate to rapping

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

After trying his hand at cinema, Wu Yifan began to enter another field, which is Rap. He became a judge on The Rap of China, which was launched in June 2017. This is a reality TV show with the aim of spreading hip-hop and rap culture to the Chinese public. In the first month of its premiere, the show received 1.3 billion views.

However, with his background as a K-pop idol, he always received sneering. They thought he didn’t deserve the position of judge. Kris Wu tried very hard and in a short time, he has made great progress.

In response to the comments, he retaliated with a very hip hop method: Diss Track. Now, his rap technique makes others undisputed. He has made his own mark when combining rap and hip-hop with Chinese folk music.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

In October 2017, Kris collaborated with Travis Scott to release the single “Deserve”. It didn’t take long, “Deserve” topped the US iTunes chart at number one. Ngo Diep Pham became the first Chinese male singer to made it.

Many people believe that such success was thanks to collaboration with Travis Scott and his luck. When his album “Antares” was released in November 2018, the audience was surprised again. “Antares” quickly jumped to the top 7 most downloaded albums in the US. This album even beats Ariana Grande’s “Thank u, next”.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan: Fashion sense

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

Thanks to owning a large fan base, Wu Yifan began to be noticed by luxury fashion brands. A few years ago, Burberry’s sales in China were in decline. Burberry found Wu Yifan.

In October 2016, Wu Yifan officially became the Burberry brand ambassador in China. Besides, he also participated in the selection of the capsule collection “the Kris Wu Edit”. His crazed fans flocked to buy Burberry products. In the first quarter of 2017, Burberry sales increased by 10% in the mainland thanks to the image of Wu Yifan.

Other brands quickly followed Burberry’s footsteps. Jewelry and watch brand BVLGARI invited him to be its ambassador in 2017.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan: most serious scandal can kill his career at one shot

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

On July 16, Sohu reported that hot girl Du Meizhu, 19, Kris’s ex-lover, revealed evidence that he wanted to use money to settle with her.

Du Meizhu said that after she denounced Wu Yifan had sex with at least seven other girls under the age of 18, seducing them with alcohol and promises of fame, the male singer’s manager contacted her to solve the case.

 His studio offered a price of one million yuan (more than 154,000 USD) for Du to delete the denunciation. However, she disagreed and wanted the male singer to publicly apologize for hurting her. Wu Yifan’s representative threatened Du Meizhu to sue her and confirmed that she would lose the lawsuit and bear the consequences.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

After that, she wanted to receive 8 million yuan (more than 1.2 million USD). Accordingly, there were 7 girls who sent evidence to accuse Kris Wu of disregarding their feelings. She wants each person to be compensated one million yuan. However, Wu Yifan only agreed to pay her 2 million yuan (more than 300,000 USD).

According to Du Meizhu, Wu Yifan has an account with the name of his own company, which will contact young girls between the ages of 18 and 20. They invite the girls to participate in the selection round to film in the MV or movies, participating in commercials with Kris Wu.

They weave a bright future in the entertainment world, to lure the girls and arrange meeting them at a bar. She also revealed that Kris Wu has a private chat group with friends to send pictures of the girls and then choose who to call to “have fun”.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

After being denounced by his ex-lover, Wu Yifan’s management company announced that it would sue Du Meizhu for spreading false information. The male singer also voiced that the information in the messages of Du Meizhu is not true. The spread of false information seriously damaged his reputation.

Wu denied the allegations on social media.

“I only met Miss Du once at a friend’s gathering, I didn’t ply her with alcohol … I have never ‘coerced women into sex’ or engaged in ‘date rape’,” he wrote on Monday, adding he does not have sex with underage girls. His studio said it had begun legal action against the accuser.

Who is Kris Wu Yifan sexual assault allegation

While Du’s allegations await further investigation, the Chinese internet has quickly and overwhelmingly come out on the side of Du. Ten of thousands of angry comments have flooded the Weibo pages of brands including Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, and Lancôme, which have had partnerships with Wu or used him as a brand ambassador. They called on brands to immediately terminate their contracts with Wu and said only by doing so could the brands restore reputations that have been stained by Wu’s scandal.

Louis Vuitton, Lancôme and parent L’Oréal, and Bvlgari deleted or hid social media posts featuring Wu but are yet to issue public statements on the evolving #MeToo storm against Wu.

Meanwhile, nine other brands have announced their termination of contracts with Wu as of press, including Chinese cosmetics maker Kans, whose sales reportedly surged after it became one of the first companies to make the move. Tencent Video and German tissue brand Tempo are among the companies that have ended their collaboration with Wu.

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