Louis Partridge in Enola Holmes is making headlines for his perfect visuals. Here are some interesting facts about the actor who plays Lord Teweksbury in Enola Holmes.

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes
Louis Partridge in Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes is a film adapted from Nancy Springer’s young adult novel series. It is a hot buzz on Netflix, topping the chart for the hottest movies recently. One of the reasons why the movie is hot and gains interest from audiences is a handsome actor like a prince from a fairy tale – Louis Partridge. Blessed with that same uniquely British charm, Louis brings a cheeky appeal to his character, Lord Tewksbury.

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes
The elegant face of the 17-year-old actor.

Louis Partridge was born on June 3rd, 2003 in Wandsworth, London. Louis started acting at the age of 11, but it was not until recently that the actor earned the public’s attention around the world thanks to the superhero Enola Holmes. He hasn’t taken acting training or gone to drama school; instead, he finds inspiration from Hollywood A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio and Timothée Chalamet.

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes
Louis Partridge is currently only 17 years old. 

The young actor leaves a good impression with his handsome face and enchanting smile. Not only that, but the information related to the 10X boy’s private life also makes fans curious.

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes possesses a perfect visual

Vogue magazine gave a lot of compliments to Louis Partridge’s appearance. According to the famous magazine, the actor born in 2003 possesses a unique charm. Louis’s sharp face is a perfect combination of long curved eyebrows, high nasal bridge, and thick attractive lips.

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes
Louis Partridge posed for Vogue magazine

The 17-year-old male god of Enola Holmes has an immeasurable cool aura. When posing for photoshoots with a cold face, the young actor radiates irresistible charm. With a handsome face like a statue and a cold charisma, Louis looks like a boss.

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes: Sharpness

In normal life, Louis is still an active teenage boy. Fans also discovered an interesting thing in his daily life’s snippets. The young actor is often spotted to pamper and take photos with a cat. It seems that Louis is a cat lover.

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes
I bet many fan girls out there want to be a cat

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes: Dreaming to be a model but he was judged not to have enough height

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes
He initially wanted to be a model

Louis Partridge has been in the spotlight recently but he has been acting since the age of 11. Before Enola Holmes, Louis appeared in television and movie works such as Paddington 2, Medici, Amazon Adventure … It can be said that, compared to many male artists of the same age, he owns impressive works.

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes
Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes

Louis originally dreamed of becoming a professional model. However, in an interview with UK Vogue, the actor confessed that he received many commented that he was not tall enough to be a model. Many sources revealed that Louis was about 6 feet tall (1.8m), and others say he’s around 5ft 9. 

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes: Surprising relationship

Louis Partridge In Enola Holmes
Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge

After Louis teamed up with one-time child star Millie Bobby Brown and their chemistry felt so natural in Enola Holmes, they became close friends. The two stars often shared many intimate photos on social media, leading to some rumors. However, Louis and Millie have never confirmed this information. Millie Bobby Brown is a phenomenal rise after starring in the superhero Godzilla: King of the Monsters, so the relationship between the two stars is particularly noticeable by the media.

On the work front, Louis Partridge currently has a few projects in the pipeline, including 2021’s The Lost Girls.

Louis Partridge will become Peter Pan in the future. 

With a reputation that is slowly blossoming at the age of 17, Louis Partridge will surely have a bright future in the future.

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