The judge said that Zheng Shuang did not have enough maternal love, skills and emotional stability to raise children independently. Therefore, legal guardianship is given to Zhang Heng.

Right on May 14, Sina reported that the Denver court (USA) published a 30-page document on the custody dispute between Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng. In the judgment, the reason why the judge decided to give custody and guardianship to Zhang Heng was explained in detail.

Zheng Shuang lost the custody battle
Zheng Shuang lost the custody battle

Sina said the jury judged Zheng Shuang did not prove herself willing to take responsibility for raising two children and care about motherhood. When she learned of the existence of two children, she demanded an abortion or gave the children for others.

Meanwhile, although Zhang Heng is no longer in a relationship with the actress, he still actively went to the US to perform his duty as a father.

Zheng Shuang only met her children after the lawsuit happened. This shows that she has no special affection and attention for her two children.

In many documents Zheng Shuang submitted to the court, there was no clear evidence that she could guarantee to take care of her two children for a long time.

Every time she visits her children, the female star has to ask for the help of an education specialist and a babysitter. Therefore, the court judged that the actress lacked skills in raising children.

At the same time, Zheng Shuang could not prove that she was mentally and emotionally stable to care for her children.

“Zhang Heng alone can still bring two babies to the world safely, let them grow up in an environment with enough love. Currently, he is the only one known as giving birth to the two children and also the main caregiver. Therefore, Zhang Heng is qualified to raise children independently, “said the judge.

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On May 13, the custody lawsuit between Zheng Shuang – Zhang Heng officially closed with the victory belonging to Zhang Heng. He has the right to decide on important issues closely related to his children’s lives, without having to get consent from Zheng Shuang. The Chinese actress was only granted the right to visit and directly raise children for a short time.

A friend of Zhang Heng revealed that he is currently arranging documents and will soon bring the two children back to China.

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