From a beloved actress in the entertainment world along with Fan Bingbing, Zhao Wei, in the past few years, Ruby Lin often gets entangled in scandal and losts love from the audience.

Recently, Sohu reported that Ruby Lin released a new movie, but it seems that Chinese audiences are not interested in it. In the past few years, the actress has made headlines for family affairs and private life.

Ruby Lin's name is fading away
Ruby Lin’s name is fading away

According to Sohu, Ruby Lin got famous from the role of Xia Ziwei in the TV series My Fair Princess (1998-1999). On the impression of the audience, the actress are benevolent, kind, knowledgeable, and as fresh as a daisy. However, over the past few years, the actress’s reputation has declined.

Lying caused Zhou Jie to lose all his career

Ruby Lin's name is fading away
The image of the actress collapsed because of a lie that lasted for decades.

Ruby Lin was born in 1976 in Taiwan. She rose to fame thanks to the amazing success of My Fair Princess. For more than 10 years, her reputation has remained because that film is replayed every summer. It can be said that her work has become a part in a generation’s childhood.

In 2004, during in interview, she sadly told the story of being forced to kiss by her colleagues and felt disgraced in a foreign place not Taiwan. Also because of Ruby Lin’s good reputation at that time, Zhou Jie – her co-star in My Fair Princess – was heavily criticized for being a pervert and taking advantage of the actress.

That scandal forced Zhou Jie from a talented young actor to leave the entertainment industry and return to his hometown.

Over a decade, Zhou Jie has claimed that all was a fake story from Ruby Lin. He condemned her for trying to be naive in the eyes of the audience.

Ruby Lin then apologized to Zhou Jie. Since then, her nice, gentle girl image she has built for many years has collapsed.

It was the director of My Fair Princess  who commented on Xia Zi Wei: “She is not as gentle as she looks. Ruby Lin likes to show off and always exaggerate everything. When she became famous, she no longer contacted me.”

Limited talent, stuck to a role forever
Ruby Lin's name is fading away
Her roles for many years have not changed, with irrational details that upset audiences.

According to Sohu, success in the role of Xia Zi Wei brought glory to Ruby Lin. However, a few years later, her career was only stuck to the role of gentle, pitiful character with illogical details.

In Romance in the Rain, she plays the role of Lu RuPing. Ruping’s first love interest is Shuhuan, but Shuhuan loves her half-sister YiPing. During the series, Ruping is confronted with a series of misfortunes that make her believe that she is unloved.

Ruby Lin's name is fading away
The public believes that Ruby Lin’s talent is much inferior to Zhao Wei and Fan Bingbing.

In The Glamorous Imperial Concubine, her character Ma Fuya ran from this country to that country, causing many troubles and hindering the careers of others. However, because Ruby Lin is the female lead, all male characters fall in love with her.

Not only that, Ruby Lin was also criticized for being mutton dressed as lamb, playing the role of an 16-year-old girl when she turned 40. Since then, the audience realized the limited talent of Ruby Lin. The actress can only play the role of “Mary Sue”, which is absurdly perfect, always loved and worshiped by everyone.

When the costume drama is not as hot as before, Ruby Lin’s reputation also gradually declined. The actress is disgraced in China Mainland and returns to Taiwan to self-produce film.

Drama marriage with Wallace Huo

Ruby Lin's name is fading away

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo are both Taiwanese actors and friends for decades. Before that, there were no rumors they were dating. However, in June 2016, two artists declared love. After only a month, they tied the knot in a lavish wedding in Bali.

In January 2017, Ruby Lin gave birth to the first daughter of Little Dolphin. Therefore, the actress was criticized by Wallace Huo’s fans of trapping Wallace Huo, using her pregnancy to force him to marry. At this time, the actor is at his height during his carreer in China Mainland. It is difficult to understand when he let go of everything, willing to lose fans to get married.

Also after getting married, the actor’s appearance deteriorated dramatically. His fans continue to blame Ruby Lin for hindering her husband’s career path.

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo rarely talk about their three-year marriage, which has led to the media speculating that there’s trouble in paradise.

According to Sohu , right after the wedding, employees in Wallace Huo’s office took turns quitting. The actor has not got good film projects since then. From being the most popular Taiwanese star, Wallace Huo only left with the title “husband of Ruby Lin”. Because he does not use a social network account, in the past few years, his image has only been updated through his wife.

Ruby Lin's name is fading away

After Ruby Lin gave birth to their first daughter, she continued to work hard. While Wallace Huo mainly stayed at home to help his wife take care of their children. Living in Taiwan for a long time, his relationship with mainland entertainment has also faded.

According to Sohu , currently Ruby Lin is still a prominent artist in Taiwan. She self-produced the film to get the chance to stand in front of the camera. However, in terms of the reputation and affection, the actress has lost her place in the past.

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