The actress surpassed many famous artists to lead two lists: Highest Commercial Value and Most Influential Star in Chinese showbiz.

Yang Mi bankable
Yang Mi is one of the most sought-after actresses in China

In April 21, Sina reported that the commercial value chart of Chinese artists in the first three months of 2021 was announced. Yang Mi dominates both the list of Stars with the Highest Commercial Value and Most Influential Star in showbiz.

In the Star ranking with the highest commercial value, the actress with the index of 91.84, has surpassed two juniors Dilireba and YangZi to take the leading position. She is currently the representative of more than a dozen famous brands in the world such as Estee Lauder, Michael Kors, PIAGET, Versace, Adidas …

In the e-commerce industry, Yang Mi is known as the “sold-out queen” because any item she uses is sold out.

The beauty showed off the ability to promote consumption when she sold more than 40,000 pairs of sandals in just one second.

With active activities from movies to entertainment shows, the Legend of Fuyao star continues to prove her influence on social networks. With a media index of 88.20, she beats Zhao Liying and Yang Zi.

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Yang Mi

According to Sohu, the above achievement helped Yang Mi to become an expensive star of Chinese showbiz. In the 2020 rankings, she also topped all charts.

Yang Mi is considered as an multi-talented artist. She has succeeded in cinema, fashion, music and even a successful businessman. Yang Mi is the shareholder of 6 entertainment companies, most known as Jiaxing Media, which supports Dilireba.

Working hard in the industry earns Yang Mi huge assets of more than $600 million. According to Sina, with the position of A-list star, she can receive around 800,000-1 million yuan for one episode.

Yang Mi is currently filming the reality TV show Great Escape 2 and upcoming TV series She and Her Perfect Husband.

At the beginning of the year, she had two works with great expectation: A Writer’s Odyssey and Storm Eye. However, both did not perform well. Yang Mi was criticized for being weak in acting and radio.

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