Applying dewy makeup in all circumstances without focusing on the logic of the film projects makes Ju Jingyi and many young Chinese actors criticized.

On the morning of November 15, Sina reported that actress Meng Ziyi was criticized by the famous Chinese writer and director Guo Jingming for being unprofessional in the show Everybody Stand By 2. According to some sources, Meng Ziyi used her own makeup artist without the permission of the filming crew while other contestants are using staff arranged by the organizers.

Chinese film industry cannot find successors of Zhao Wei, Zhang Ziyi

beauties afraid of on-screen ugly appearances the Chinese film industry
Meng Ziyi

The scandal broke out, Meng Ziyi became the most searched name on Weibo. The actress then explained that due to the lack of backstage staff, she had to use her own stylist, she didn’t intend to change her makeup style.

However, this reason didn’t go down well with the audience. Many netizens criticized the actress for pretending, not admitting mistakes. Along with that, the response from the media was also not positive.

“The incident of Meng Ziyi is a problem among young actors today, that is, they are too obsessed with the beautiful appearances on the screen. In many movies, regardless of the situation or the characters’ mood, what the audience sees is an actor with careful makeup instead of the message the actor needs to deliver. Sometimes, I feel that what I’m watching is not a movie, “said a journalist on Toutiao.

Must be beautiful under any circumstances

beauties afraid of on-screen ugly appearances the Chinese film industry
Meng Ziyi in The Untamed

Why do you use your own make-up? I filmed the movie, not filmed Meng Ziyi. Your beauty style is the style of a hot girl. If you continue to change your makeup deliberately, you don’t need to shoot.” Guo Jingming angrily criticized the actress.

In fact, this is not the first time Meng Ziyi has an unprofessional attitude in acting. In the GRADE ONE SS3 show, Meng Ziyi was a student led by Anita Yuen to the filming site to experience the filming process. At that time, the actress took on the role of a background actor, her face had to wear ugly makeup to meet the requirements of the script.

However, the actress changed her outfits and dressed up to be whiter and prettier. Meng Ziyi’s unprofessional attitude made Anita Yuen uncomfortable. “So who are you now? Director or actor? Can an actor change his makeup on his own?”, Yuen actor bluntly criticized.

Not only Meng Ziyi, “Once in 4000 Years Beauty Ju Jingyi has been criticized many times by the audience for her obsession with good looks on the screen.

beauties afraid of on-screen ugly appearances the Chinese film industry
Ju Jingyi in In a Class of Her Own

In the movie In a Class of Her Own, Ju Jingyi plays the female lead Xue Wenxi. Because of studying in a school for boys, Xue Wenxi always has to disguise herself as a boy to hide her sex as a woman.

However, despite being disguised as a man, Ju Jingyi wore red-orange lipstick, bold makeup eyes, and loose bangs. That feminine image does not match the situation in the film and makes the audience uncomfortable. The QQ site harshly criticized Ju Jingyi and the film crew for humiliating the intellect of viewers.

beauties afraid of on-screen ugly appearances the Chinese film industry
Ju Jingyi in The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

In The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion, the former member of SNH48 caused controversies because of her subtle makeup. In the scene of Fu Rong (played by Ju Jingyi) mourning her sister’s death, the actress applied a pink dash on her eyes, wore bright red lipstick, not suitable for the mentality of grief and loss for relatives. 

beauties afraid of on-screen ugly appearances the Chinese film industry
Yes, it is just a cotton pad!

In the scene where Fu Rung was kidnapped, the assassin covered her mouth with a cloth. It wouldn’t be worth mentioning if at this moment Ju Jingyi did not suck on a cloth with the size of a cotton pad. Despite being kidnapped, her makeup was still on-point, her hair and clothes were neat.

The Xinhua News Agency said that Meng Ziyi and Ju Jingyi are just two of the many young actors who do not dare to look ugly in front of the camera. Typically when filming a food scene, they don’t eat even a small piece because they are afraid of ruining lipstick. And it is common for actors to have lipstick and eyeliner in their pockets.

So what is the cause?

Talking about this issue, director Ning Hao – the man behind the success of the Breakup Buddies said it partly comes from the support of many film producers. According to him, many colleagues are too easy-going, leading to the actress changing their look and makeup to be more beautiful and perfect on the screen.

In addition, some directors, because of his greed for profit, does not care about the quality of the projects, so he is willing to leave actresses change on their own. “They created the media effect with the lack of professionalism and a lot of controversial makeup of the main cast. Although they got noticed in a negative way, they were pleased that at least the work was mentioned,” director Ning Hao said.

According to Sina, the main reason comes from the arrogant attitude of the younger generations. The newspaper site said that at present, “not ugly” has become a condition for signing contracts between many stars and film crew.

“When we first started making the film, we had a hard time inviting actors. For a while, I had the opportunity to meet with the crew of a few famous young actors. During the discussion, they gave very funny requests. The bangs were not blown under any circumstances to avoid affecting the actress’s image, or during the filming, the female lead had to put on bold lip color. If these conditions are not approved, they won’t sign a contract,” a director revealed on Sina.

“Don’t dream of success if you don’t dare to be ugly”

An actress taking care of beauty, pursuing beauty is not wrong. However, it is unacceptable when she only takes care of her on-screen beauty and ignores the logic of the script.

The Beijing Daily said that in the cases of Meng ZiYi and Ju Jingyi, they lacked the basic qualities of an actor when standing on set. If you want to be recognized by the audience, you need more than a good-looking face on the screen. That is also the reason why the Chinese film industry has not found new factors.

Looking at the success of talented actors in the Chinese entertainment industry like Zhao Wei, Zhang Ziyi, or Zhou Xun, all of them have willingly sacrificed their beauty for their roles.

In Shaolin Soccer, Zhao Wei surprised the audience with the image of a terribly bad girl A Mai. She is not afraid to dress and wear flashy makeup to match her role. In the final scenes of the movie, the actress appears with a shaved head and a face with only colorless lip balm.

Due to this ugly look, Vicki Zhao was scolded by writer Chiung Yao for wiping the effort to build a beautiful image through My Fair Princess and Romance in the Rain. However, her sacrifice is a stepping stone that catapulted Zhao Wei to one of the leading Chinese actresses. The hairless appearance in Shaolin Soccer is considered a classic moment throughout Zhao Wei’s acting career.

On the contrary, actors who are afraid of being bad on the screen are difficult to be recognized by the audience despite working many years.

In Love Yunge from the Desert, Angelababy pretended to move her mouth while filming the food scene because of her obsession with gaining weight. In General and I, because she paid too much attention to her beautiful expression in the film, the crying scene of the actress was commented as a fake, emotionless scene. That is why after 13 years in the acting field, Angelababy is still only known as a flower without fragrance.

“As an actor, they need to know how to live the life of the character, not bring their real person to the film. Because the audience doesn’t need to see a beautiful face on the screen. Do not dream of success if you do not dare to be ugly, “said director Zheng Long.

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